Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Tawi Lodge

Tawi Lodge, Africa

Insider’s Review of Tawi Lodge

Tawi Conservancy is the result of a joint partnership between the community, African Wildlife Foundation and Tawi Lodge. A portion of the fee for each guest goes directly towards supporting the Conservancy, which works to preserve and protect the Kilimanjaro Heartland, and the vast herds of elephant that call this land their home. Travellers are helping make this piece of Kenya a better place just by being here, which makes the experience that much more meaningful.

Mt. Kilimanjaro’s snow-capped peak is best seen from the watercolour plains of Amboseli, patrolled by vast herds of elephants. Water birds weave and dip over the grassy floodplains, and ostriches dash down the roads so fast that they look like cartoon road runners. At dawn, Africa’s tallest mountain turns a dusky purple, and its snowy cap glistens with rosy light. At sunset Mt Kilimanjaro comes into sharp relief against the fiery orange and flaming red of the sky—a timeless African image.

Accommodations at Tawi Lodge

Tawi’s twelve cottages all face the mighty Kilimanjaro, and windows afford views of the mountain’s craggy peak even from the comfort of your bed or your bathtub. Each cottage has its own wooden veranda, from which you can observe elephants and giraffe grazing quite close—the view is unobstructed, as the fence which keeps out large wildlife is in a ditch surrounding the property. The style of the lodge is a harmonious combination of modern comforts and traditional—the walls are rounded like Maasai huts, and the cottages are kitted out with old steamer trunks, four-poster beds, fireplaces and even antique phones.

Before a French-influenced dinner taken al fresco, relax by the campfire or beneath the spreading acacia tree that shades the unique bush bar, and listen to the magical sounds of the African bush, sipping your favourite cocktail while watching the elephants for which Amboseli is famous cavort just a few metres in front of you.

A note for families & children

Tawi Lodge is happy to host children of all ages—indeed, children under 12 stay for half the adult rate.

Amenities at Tawi Lodge

  • Spa
  • Shared pool
  • Fireplace in common area

In-Room Amenities at Tawi Lodge

  • Private deck/veranda
  • En-suite bathrooms

Activities at Taawi Lodge

View wildlife day and night—as we’re right outside the border of Amboseli, we’re not limited by park regulations that all vehicles be in after sundown. Hyena and lion stalk these plains at night, their eyes glowing eerily as they sniff out snoozing herds. In the daylight enormous parades of elephant sink up to their chins in the water of the floodplains, while on more solid ground male impala engage in exciting territorial skirmishes.

Or see it all from the sky, if you prefer. Perhaps an exciting helicopter excursion, the chopper whisking us away and stopping on a dime wherever you desire, picnicking on a bluff, visiting a tribe and zooming through the surrounding hills and dells.

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