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An African shopping trip cannot be surpassed for its pure spectacle and entertainment value, not to mention its explosive colour and stunning wares. Shopping opportunities might include traditional outdoor markets teeming with a diverse assortment of exotic items, quaint and mysterious local shops, sleek modern art houses, or the delightful wares offered at roadside stands.

South Africa, with its rich mix of cultures, has an abundance of artists and craftspeople producing works of high artistic quality and workmanship. Look for fine pottery, jewellery, hand-knotted carpets, painted fabrics, locally designed clothing and paintings. In rural areas, the traditional crafts abound, from Zulu beadwork to copper and bronze jewellery, baskets and woodcarvings. South Africa also has a rich antiques market of British treasures from the early 19th century, plus excellent specimens of Cape Dutch furniture.

In East Africa, among the wide variety of handicrafts available, one may find antique Maasai tribal ornaments and spears, Meerschaum pipes, hand-woven sisal baskets and bags of unique design, as well as a dazzling array of brilliantly hued batiks, delicate pottery and sleek ebony carvings. In addition, one sees a variety of darling handmade children's clothes and toys. Elegant beaded jewellery, sparkling gems and exquisite coral are also plentiful and surprisingly affordable.

The Micato staff can provide suggestions for shopping adventures while on your luxury African safari trip, and assist in the packing and shipping of these treasures to your home at the trip's end.