Incomparable Safari Experiences

Floating over Africa

Floating over Africa

An angel’s-eye view of a heavenly landscape.

Mist covers the savannah like a blanket, gauzy grey sheets over the dewy green grass, made even more ethereal by the peaceful hush of dawn.

Your pilot lets the fires blaze into the rainbow-striped expanse of balloon above you, and suddenly you’re aloft. It’s an exhilarating feeling, dream-like, as you become feather-light and float above the world.

As you look out over the seemingly limitless horizon, the sun rises and spreads liquid gold across the landscape.

You glide effortlessly in silence, struck by the spectacle beneath you: a group of strolling giraffes, zebras galloping, and two wildebeest ramming their heads in a battle of willsAfrica’s timeless drama playing out just as it has for millennia.