The Milestones that Call for an African Safari Celebration

By Micato Staff September 28, 2022

The span of a life is dotted with significant milestones. When you’re young, these moments are practically everywhere. Things such as marking down new height measurements as you grow taller, losing your first tooth, the first days of school throughout grade school, the list goes on. As you get older, you realize the milestones are fewer and farther between, but they bear much more impact. Moments like graduating from college, your first professional job, promotions at work, landmark birthdays, special anniversaries, and even retirement are major feats. What we’re saying is, these noteworthy moments you experience as an adult are worthy of recognition and celebration! 

As experts in the field, we cannot think of a better way to mark a milestone than by setting out on an African safari. If you’re not sure what a milestone safari looks like, allow us to give you a sneak peek. Remember, we can build a private custom safari around any memorable event you see fit.


Instead of celebrating an important birthday for you or a loved one with the usual dinner at a favorite restaurant or slipping away for the weekend, why not get everyone together for an extravagant vacation? Honoring a matriarch’s 70th birthday, surprising your husband with a trip unlike any other for his 50th, or showing your kids that turning 30 really isn’t that bad; we consider all birthdays special. The guests we often see celebrating a loved one’s birthday are fun and energetic no matter if the group is composed of only family members or a mix of friends and family. 

For those celebrating a new turn around the sun, we can’t recommend Kubili House enough. This private villa is located in South Africa within the Thornybush Game Reserve. While you will be near Kruger National Park, you’d never know it. The Thornybush Game Reserve is very private and Kubili House has everything you would want from a luxury birthday hideaway. If you choose to stay at this location for your private custom safari you will have access to your own butler, chef and sous chef, and 24-hour concierge service. Not to mention the five bedrooms, three swimming pools, and spa. Kubili House really pulls out all the stops and is the perfect place to wind down after an exhilarating experience with Micato.

Kubili House in South Africa

Prior to settling down at Kubili House, you’ll have the wonders of Southern Africa at your fingertips. With a private safari, we build a vacation around your wants. If you want to experience the marvel of the Okavango Delta in Botswana or explore the wonderland that is The Cape Floristic Region in South Africa, you can certainly do so. After all, another year down means another year presents itself with fresh opportunities for new experiences. Why not seek out those new experiences on an African safari with your loved ones? Just a suggestion from the experts.

mokoro boats in the Okavango Delta

School Graduation 

Regardless of whether your child is graduating from undergrad, graduate school, they passed the bar exam, or they just got their doctorate degree or Ph.D., we commend them on their accomplishments. Considering graduation is a huge occasion, why not cement your child’s efforts with a vacation they’ll never forget?

chairs arranged around a fire on Sindabezi Island

Allow us to suggest your own private island sanctuary, perhaps? Sindabezi Island on the Zambezi River in Zambia can provide you with just that. Also, yes, you read that correctly, it’s a private island. To give you a clearer picture, Sindabezi Island comprises five open-sided, thatched-roof chalets situated along the Zambezi River that you can rent out for your entire group. Similar to the group make-up for a birthday milestone, the group you bring along for your graduation milestone event can simply consist of your spouse and children or you can mix in friends and extended family members too. Taking over the island with your closest friends and family is a great way to not only transition into a new phase of your child’s life but to also celebrate their incredible achievements. 

a rainbow at Victoria Falls

Before closing out your graduation celebration on Sindabezi Island, there are plenty of thrills to be had in Zambia. For one, Zambia is home to Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and host to the famed Victoria Falls. While Mosi-oa-Tunya offers your group the chance to venture out on safari in search of elephants, giraffes, and rare black rhinos, the thrill of seeing these animals can only be matched by views of the Victoria Falls. If you’re interested in getting up close and personal with the Falls, consider a helicopter ride on the Flight of Angels. Here at Micato, we want graduation to feel like the kickoff celebration of a lifetime

Special Anniversaries 

No matter if you’ve been with your partner for 10 years or 35, there’s nothing quite like going away together. Typically, the makeup of the group for anniversary safaris only consists of the couple celebrating. However, that’s not always the case. Since milestone anniversaries call for big celebrations, we’ve also seen couples bring along their children and other family members for a private custom safari too. Remember, we’ll help you commemorate your anniversary as you’d like. If you want to celebrate with just you and your partner then that’s perfectly fine. If you want to get everyone together for a grand celebration, that’s even better.

the view from the Hillside Suite at Singita Sasakwa

If your group ultimately ends up involving only you and your spouse, we highly recommend having your private safari stop off at the Hillside Suite. Located in the Grumeti Reserves in Tanzania, the Hillside Suite at Singita Sasakwa is the epitome of privacy. Finished with gorgeous wooden floors, floor to ceiling glass windows, and its very own private pool, this location is perfect for couples. The Hillside Suite is accessible by its own private road too, and you’ll be supplied with both private dining and spa services.

zebras in the African plains

While this luxurious hideaway beckons at the end of your trip, surrounding Tanzania has a lot to offer in the early days of your vacation agenda. While exploring Tanzania, you’ll discover the amazing wildlife inhabiting the lush floor of the Ngorongoro Crater, the far reaches of the Serengeti plains, and the exotic allure of Zanzibar. The Hillside Suite might be your wedding anniversary’s farewell to Tanzania but it’s only a small part of your fantastic experience with us.


One of the most momentous occasions in your life is and will be when you finally get to pull back from the daily grind, hang up your cap, so to speak, and ease into retirement. When that time comes, get the family together to ring in this new phase of your life in complete luxury. We see all sorts of retirement celebration groups too. You could build a private custom safari that involves only your nuclear family, a larger group that includes your nuclear family and extended family members combined, or a group composed of a mish-mash of family members and friends. We’re flexible and can accommodate whatever you need. 

Just think, you can gather your entire group together for an exquisite stay at Arijiju located in Laikipia, Kenya. This private home is resplendent with vaulted arches, five total suites, a spa, a gym, and even its own library. It’s a perfect place for gathering those important in your life and soaking in the freedom of retirement. Situated in the private Borana Conservancy, Arijiju is quite exclusive. In addition to the amenities listed above, you’ll also enjoy a terraced pool, tennis and squash courts, and your very own helipad should you prefer travelling by private helicopter. While you’ll have everything you could possibly ask for at a place like Arijiju, you may be surprised at some of the activities available to you in this private oasis. For example, you can get up close and personal with elephants at the Retiti elephant orphanage or take a stroll along the shores of Lake Bogoria. This hidden home is a location we heartily recommend for families, as it truly allows them to “take over”.

The terraced pool at Arijiju

While your stay at Arijiju will be the denouement of your journey, there is plenty to explore in Kenya prior to closing out your retirement safari. From meeting the Maasai people in the Maasai Mara Game Reserves to drinking in the enormity of Mount Kenya to keeping your head on a swivel from all the animal sightings you’ll experience in Amboseli National Park, Kenya delivers an absolutely divine African experience. Call us biased but we cannot imagine a better way to ring in your golden years than with us on a once in a lifetime adventure.

elephants on safari

Enjoy a Custom Milestone Safari with Micato

This is just a glimpse at a few of the occasions and locations to consider for a milestone safari experience in Africa with Micato. No matter the celebration or the size of your group, our superb Safari Specialists will help you craft a one of a kind experience for the books. Not only do we want to help recognize the exceptional moments in your life, but we also want to ensure you’re celebrating them accordingly. 

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