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The Cape Floristic Region

The Cape Floristic Region

The Cape Floristic Region is far and away the smallest of the world’s six recognized floristic kingdoms or phytochorions. It’s the only earthly abode of more than 9,000 vascular plant species, of which just under 70% are unique to the region. In naming it a World Heritage Site in 2004, UNESCO praised it as “one of the most special places for plants in the world in terms of diversity, density and number of endemic species…one of the world’s ʻhottest hotspotsʼ for its diversity of endemic and threatened plants, [containing] outstanding examples of significant ongoing ecological, biological and evolutionary processes.”

The long and short of it: the CFR is a unique bit of natural magic, a guaranteed pulse-raising wonderland for nature lovers. (And almost needless to say, that wonderland is a must-visit on just about all Micato pre or post luxury safari visits to Cape Town).

…the great flood-gates of the wonder-world swung open…Melville

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