5 Romantic Activities For You & Your Partner on Safari

By 829 Studios Admin August 15, 2020

Romance, while held to many universal ideals, is unique to each and every partnership. What one couple considers romantic could be viewed as a little over the top by others. Therefore, there’s no one way to structure a romantic, private African safari. What we can do, however, is use our knowledge and expertise gained in 55 years of safari planning to recommend activities couples have absolutely adored over the years. Take a look at a handful of romantic touches and adventures available to you on a Micato safari.

Intimate Walking Safaris

Walking safaris are both tame and wild in the same breath. Led by your expert safari guide, you and your partner will traverse the African landscape and feel what it’s like to trek the very same terrain as the animals you’re there to see. The possible encounters on a walking safari are endless, as you stand the chance to come upon giraffes, zebra, distant packs of elephants, and more. Even standing within an elephant’s footprint feels wondrous. The same can be said for running your hands through savannah grasses or gazing off into the stunningly blue horizon.   

It’s simply amazing how different the safari experience is when you travel the land by foot instead of a safari vehicle. Walking safaris provide an exhilarating experience and inject some thrills into your Micato adventure, while also providing you with quiet, up-close moments you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

Mokoro Boat Rides in the Okavango Delta

Gondola rides through the canals of Venice? We can do one better on a private African safari. Take away the cramped, bustling canals of Venice and replace them with Botswana’s dreamy Okavango Delta, and you have the makings of a romantic mokoro ride. To note, a mokoro is a type of canoe that is perfect for navigating the Delta. While on such a ride, you and your partner will be ensconced within the wonder of the Delta while your trusty guide expertly poles your way through the winding channels. 

a couple on a mokoro ride with their Safari Director
Safari Director: Sid Hayes

While a mokoro ride is captivatingly tranquil, you and your partner will also be treated to a number of wildlife sightings. Your guide will adeptly point out hidden crocodiles within the reeds, help you identify the Okavango Delta’s over 530 bird species, and highlight other animals you may miss in this absolute Eden. You may have grown up dreaming of a romantic gondola ride for two but it’s a mokoro ride through the Delta that you and your partner will be longing for again and again.

Spending Time with Africa’s Penguins

Why not celebrate your relationship on safari with another species who often mates for life? That’s right, we’re talking about penguins! Our guests are often surprised they can meet penguins in Africa, as we typically identify them as arctic animals. However, Cape Penguins prosper in two colonies near Cape Town, South Africa. These intelligent and animated creatures established their colonies in the 1980s and we couldn’t be more glad, as their presence brings joy to so many of our travellers. 

If you’re interested in exploring Cape Town, you can observe these Cape Penguins from well-built wooden walkways at Stony Point. A better way to spend time with Africa’s penguins is by heading to Boulders Beach where you can swim close to them and observe them in their natural habitat. Not to mention you can snap plenty of pictures of coupled penguins to adorn the walls of your home and Instagram feed to commemorate your time with us.

Sundowners for Two

A safari staple, sundowners are truly the best way to relax after a day spent journeying in Africa. While on a private safari with your partner, you’ll enjoy sundowners with just the two of you. With a cozy set up around a campfire and kind waiters ready to serve up delicious bites and cocktails, you and your partner can kick back and share your favorite moments from the day while the African sun puts on a spectacular show. 

It’s much like catching up after a day of work, only the experience is much more luxurious and the mood completely relaxed. Nestling up next to your loved one as the golden sun dips below the horizon serves as a splendid reminder of why you decided to embark on safari together in the first place. 

Sleeping in a Star Bed

Make the evenings on your private African safari even more special by slumbering beneath the stars in one of Africa’s star beds. While different couples may agree and disagree on what they consider to be romantic, sleeping in a star bed is often met with resounding agreement across the board. The way it works is when you’re ready for bed, your four-poster bed will be wheeled out onto an open deck and draped in gossamer mosquito netting for your protection. 

a star bed at Loisaba Wilderness
a star bed at Loisaba Wilderness

Just picture it: you’re cuddling in bed with your partner beneath an immense canopy of stars and moonlight. Not only is it a once in a lifetime experience to literally sleep beneath the stars in Africa but it’s completely immersive too. Depending on where you’re sleeping in your star bed, you’ll be lulled to sleep by the sounds of grasses swaying in the night breeze or a river running below, with the stars and your partner as your companions in sleep.

Join Us for a Romantic, Private African Safari

While you and your partner may not always agree on what you consider to be romantic, trust our team here at Micato to help you create a unique, picturesque African experience. When you travel with us, your Micato Safari Director will take care of all the details for you. This means all you have to do is kick back and enjoy your time with us, without having to worry about the little things. Get started by speaking to one of our Safari Specialists who will help you craft a private safari that you and your partner will reflect on for the rest of your lives.

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