Leisure Travellers Land in Kenya Again!

By Paul Eisenberg August 10, 2020

No sooner had we turned our calendar pages to August than this happened: Planes of visitors began landing in Kenya again, with passengers deplaning to the applause of masked airport staffers and the ceremonial cutting of yellow tape.

While these August landings may not have the lasting gravity of a “One small step for man…” moment, the arrival of leisure travellers in Kenya during a pandemic absolutely has the contours of one giant leap for humankind, specifically for travelling humankind.

And just as our normal is now new, so is what pleases us: Who knew that the sight of thermal imaging scanners, employees fastidiously wiping down airport counters, and travellers shuffling from sticker to sticker on a pristine airport floor could feel so glamorous? There is something so ordinary yet extraordinary about airlines and their passengers taking these baby steps that you can’t help but want to be on the next plane out.

And of course once the adventure of arriving ends, your next chapter in Kenya begins: Safari.  As you leave the airport with your Micato Safari Director and Driver-Guide, your imagination will move from the glamour of the New Age of Air Travel to the glamour of the bush, where along with every possible luxury you’ll be wowed by every possible safety and hygiene protocol.

Our team looks forward to greeting you at the airport in Kenya soon so we can get you on your way. Until then, watch this video and be inspired in a way you maybe never expected.



Whether you’re ready to safari now or just giving it a lot of thought, contact a Micato Safari Specialist today to explore one of our three splendid ways to safari.

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