Micato Safari Directors Know Photography

By Micato Staff August 14, 2019
Singita Kruger herd, including a rare white lion
Singita Kruger herd, including a rare white lion, by Micato Safari Director George Meyer.

Luxury safari guide, backcountry pro, versatile helper, fast friend, good person.

These are just a few of the words that describe the Micato Safari Directors who accompany every East Africa safari, facilitating unforgettable moments every step of the way.

But don’t just take us at our words. During our more than 50 years in business, Micato guests have shared other words — the best words — to describe Micato Safari Directors:

“Beyond excellent”
“Absolutely superb”
“Incredible human being.”
“Charm exuded.” (They are indeed charm exudors.)

On top of everything else, we’d like to assign two more words to these delightful, remarkably highly-credentialed experts in khaki: Gifted photographers.

Safari directors with giraffes
We’re not entirely sure who’s photobombing whom here.

Safari Directors Share Their Magic

Spending as much time as they do in the bush, Micato Safari Directors naturally have accumulated a lot of photographic know-how — the best times of day to capture virtually every possible safari photo in the best possible light, where to aim your camera, how to frame your shot, and much more.

Maasai Mara leopard
Maasai Mara leopard by Micato Safari Director Peter Githaka
An elephant peeks from behind a bush
Peek-a-boo in Zimbabwe, by Micato Safari Director Brian Nel.
An elephant and cape buffalo in a field
It’s extra special when you can get more than one species in a frame. Here, Micato Safari Director Nuru Mbise captures a meet-up between an elephant and Cape buffalo at Ngorongoro Crater.
A pride of lions looking at black rhino
Another multi-species shot: An Oloololo pride gazing at some black rhino in the Maasai Mara, by Micato Safari Director Peter Githaka. Oloololo refers to the escarpment looking over the Mara.

When it comes to photography, Micato Safari Directors are a competitive bunch — so much so that they have regular photo contests among themselves.

But good-natured competition doesn’t stop our team from sharing their best photographic tips and tricks with each other, advice they in turn gladly pass on to all Micato guests. It’s perhaps one reason why the photos in our Micato Photo Contest for guests are so good… beyond the fact that our travellers are often gifted photographers themselves!

Just a few more

Black rhino with a calf
Micato Safari Director Johnson Ong’anyo snapped this rare black rhino and calf in the light of day at Lewa Downs…
Two rhinos at sunset
…while at sunset, Peter Githaka observed these two rhinos.
Pack of lions lay in the grass
Micato Safari Director Rodgers Mariki caught up with these hams during a Maasai Mara game drive.

Did you notice our theme?

In case you didn’t catch on, the creatures in the photos herein (except for that crazy giraffe one) are all representatives of the storied Big Five. While we can’t promise you’ll see all five species, we can tell you that when you have a Micato Safari Director at your side, odds are in your favour that you’ll have opportunities to ogle these creatures and many others.

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The bottom line

If you’re interested in photographing all the wondrous creatures and landscapes of Micato’s Africa, get in touch with one of our expert Safari Specialists. We’d love to have you adventure with our team, especially your Micato African Safari Director, who we’re certain will become your photography advisor, consummate guide, helper, and friend.


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