Your Safari Director:
Guide, Helper, Friend

And with you every step of the way. Safari Directors meet you upon landing in Africa and are with you until the moment you depart, always nearby and on prompt call around the clock — not just during business hours.

Every Micato Safari Director in Kenya has earned the prestigious Silver-Level certification awarded by the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association and are seasoned professionals, most of whom have been with us their entire careers. Graduates of Kenya Utalii College or Tanzania’s College of African Wildlife Management, they guide forays into the bush, lecture on flora and fauna, deftly handle logistics, and impart fascinating nuggets of African history, Swahili, and tribal folklore. They will also become dear friends.

It bears repeating: While most companies offer only Driver Guides, Micato guests in East Africa safari with a team of Driver Guides and a Safari Director. In Kenya, our Driver Guides hold a minimum Bronze-Level certification from the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association and many are Silver certified. Micato is one of the few safari companies that still operates an in-house training school with classes in conservation, the latest discoveries in paleoanthropology, guest relations refreshers, and many etceteras, including CPR training in which every Safari Director and Driver Guide is fully certified.

Micato Safari Guides
Micato Safari Vechile Drivers

In Southern Africa, the Safari Directors meet the same high standards, while wildlife explorations are led by Game Rangers and Trackers stationed at each camp.  Safari Directors have a deep knowledge of the region’s natural history, and they’re fluent in South Africa’s cultural history, current affairs, local art, and culinary and winery scenes — you name it.  But their real talent lies in their ability to make the logistics of travel calm and effortless for Micato travellers.