What You’ll See on Safari Right Now

By Paul Eisenberg September 21, 2020

East Africa resumed flights at the beginning of August and Micato resumed safariing soon after. Our guests are as astonished as ever, and with our extensive hygiene protocols in place, our safaris are as seamless as ever.

And the gamelands? Well, we never thought we’d say this, but they’re not as glorious as ever.

They are more glorious.

Not another person in sight on the African plains

Imagine gazing out the window of a Micato safari vehicle — and everyone gets a window seat, by the way, among other things — and there not being another vehicle in sight. Or picture standing on the private deck of your deliciously secluded tent, gazing at Africa’s rolling, wildlife-rich plains, not another person in sight.

If you want a better idea of what that’s like, watch below. Then get in touch with us.

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