These Are Some Funny Cats

By Paul Eisenberg May 13, 2020

a lion paws his face

Somewhere in the Maasai Mara the sun is setting on a lion who can’t even.

Or at least that’s what comes across. Micato Safari Directors, gifted lion whisperers all, say it’s anybody’s guess. Is it frustration? Fatigue? A bit of both? And from what? Too much cable news? Relationship issues? Children who pretend not to hear when spoken to?

It’s fun to guess, really, because the big cats of Africa’s savannahs have a range of emotions not unlike our own. And not unlike domesticated cats, which should come as no surprise, because this emotive lion and your hilarious house cat share more than 95% of their DNA.

What we’re trying to say is, cats are funny. Often when not trying to be, but still, we love them for it and so do our guests, who along with our Safari Directors have provided the snapshots in the slideshow below.

Enjoy. And if you’d like to see these funny cats in person one day, give us a call.

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