The Experience.

The Experience. The thrilling jolt of discovery, the shared smiles of amazement. Connecting with nature, with new cultures … … and with a timeless part of yourself. Such experiences are not always common… but in Africa, they are as regular as the rising Serengeti sun.

But this is more than just Africa—it’s Micato’s Africa. It’s an experience unlike any other, where you are a VIP everywhere you go. It is a blend of excitement and elegance, a place of delightful surprises and uncommon luxury. It is the home of Felix and Jane Pinto, who treat their guests, as Travel+Leisure noted, like “well-loved, out-of-town relatives. ”

Whether you’re looking for a classic safari, a private off-the-beaten path journey, or a personal exploration of Africa’s tribal cultures and rituals, there is simply no experience like a Micato safari. We invite you to explore this section of our site and get a sense of the travel experience that awaits you.

A Day on Safari

Each day on safari brings new perspectives and experiences. Snow-capped mountains. Cavernous valleys. Sweeping savannahs. Vast deserts. Lush forests. Sparkling lakes. Arid plains. Romantic beaches. Vibrant waterfalls. And, most especially, animals by the thousands.

Incomparable Safari Experiences

These are moments when you recall what it’s like to be amazed and what it means to be relaxed; what the thrill of discovery feels like, or the warmth of a hearty welcome.

The Wildlife

The wildlife in Africa is the stuff of legend. Landscapes are teeming with animals you simply can’t find anywhere else, and seeing these creatures in the wild is an experience that is beyond compare. Click the links to find out about some of the wildlife you may find on safari with Micato.

Africa in Literature

In her new novel Circling the Sun, New York Times best-selling author Paula McLain tells the tale of aviator and writer Beryl Markham, transporting readers to the romantic days of old Kenya… the same days of Out of Africa’sKaren Blixen, and a guy named Hemingway.

The People

People spend a lifetime envisioning the wildlife they’ll see on safari. So it can be a surprise when they realize it is the people they remember most.

An Exquisite Shopping Trip

An African shopping trip cannot be surpassed for its pure spectacle and entertainment value, not to mention its explosive colour and stunning wares. Shopping opportunities might include traditional outdoor markets teeming with a diverse assortment of exotic items, quaint and mysterious local shops, sleek modern art houses, or the delightful wares offered at roadside stands.