The African People

People spend a lifetime envisioning the wildlife they’ll see on safari. So it can be a surprise when they realize it is the people they remember most.

But that is exactly what we have heard so many times from our guests: it is the women, men and children they meet who truly make their safari unforgettable. Maybe it’s their bright smiles, their kind words, their warm laughter and effusive welcomes.

Perhaps it’s the fascinating cultures they have built, or the captivating music they play. It could be the cheerful spirit of the continent’s diverse citizens —and how they are just as excited about their future as they are proud of their past. Whatever it is, it makes quite an impression.

One longtime traveller said he’d never been treated so well by people he’d never met before. Another said she “came to see the wildlife, but left with more than I could have imagined. My heart is truly full with love for your country and all who inhabit it.”

A sixteen-year-old Micato traveller was so touched by her experience at a project of AmericaShare (our nonprofit arm) that she wanted to help. So, with the proceeds from their lemonade stand, she and her sister sponsored a child to go to school.

We invite you to come meet the people of this remarkable continent, and learn why so many of our guests say they are among the most welcoming in the world.