Earn BIG Commissions Selling Micato

It’s As Easy As MPG

When travel advisors partner with us to send the Micato Brochure to their clients, they earn big commissions.

We call this the Micato Profit Generator Program (MPG). There’s no cost to you, ever, to participate.

And, Micato being Micato, we will mail our brochure — for either Africa or India — in style! Along with the brochure, your client will receive a personalized notecard on lovely paper stock. The note will be from you, encouraging your client to peruse the brochure and contact you — not us, you — so that you can call us to arrange your client’s unforgettable Micato safari or India journey. Here are samples of the Africa and India notecards for your perusal.

(By the way: If have some clients who want to go to Africa and others interested in India, we are happy, of course, to work with you to initiate what would be two separate, personalized mailings.)

As easy as profiting from this program is joining it! There are three simple steps.

Step 1 is filling in the form below. Once you do — making sure to fill in all the fields — click the “Go to Step 2” button. Once you do, you’ll land on a page with Steps 2 and 3.

You’ll see that Step 2 is where you’ll download the spreadsheet to enter your client data.

Once you complete the sheet in Step 2, you’ll see that Step 3 is to email your completed sheet directly to our mailhouse.

That’s it! Here now, the actual steps for you to follow…

1. Fill out this short form.

This basic information will, in part, help us personalize the materials we send to your clients.

The Micato Profit Generator was just what I needed to get my clients excited about safari. Micato sent 10 brochures to my top clients and I got calls back before I could even follow up. That one mailing generated four bookings totaling more than $28,000 in commissions. Pretty nice for a “no-cost to me” program!Victoria Boomgarden, President, Elan Travel


With Micato’s marketing campaign we sold about $500,000 at no cost to us!Sheila Yellin, President, Courtyard Travel


Your prompting me to do a Micato Profit Generator mailing did spur on my client to book his lifetime family trip to Africa. His family still talks about that trip, which was to celebrate his 80th birthday. The brochure is rich with information, amazing pictures and ideas that inspire my clients to take that trip of a lifetime.Stephanie Durst, Travel Specialist, Protravel