It’s Time To Wander With Micato Safaris

By Paul Eisenberg July 14, 2021

Our video begins with a lioness in repose and we’ll tell you right now she deserves the rest. Because usually she’s on her feet. In the video, and the rest of the time.

Wandering. Always at her own pace, always with purpose.

Micato travellers wander in a similar way.

Always at your own pace — whether that means being up before the sun to motor along the plains or sleeping in because the four-post bed in your quiet villa is just too good.

Whatever your pace, you always deserve the rest.

And if you want to fine-tune your wander-rest ratio to the minute, we can make your safari totally private. There are three swell ways to safari with Micato, two of which make your privacy our first priority.

(That was a test, actually. Your safety is always our first priority, no matter how you safari with us.)

Our guests wander with purpose, too — whether that purpose is cresting the top of a hill at twilight for a sundowner or visiting Mukuru to meet our wonderful AmericaShare team and children you’re helping just by being with us: Through The Micato One for One Commitment, we send a child to school for every guest on safari.

In 2020 we had a lot to ponder. Still do. But 2021? As many of our guests who have been on safari this year will attest, it’s the time to wander.

Enjoy the video. We look forward to having you join us in Micato’s Africa soon.

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