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KwaZulu-Natal Evening View

The second most populous of South Africa’s nine provinces, KwaZula-Natal is often simply called KZN, and, affectionately, “the garden province.” South Africa is proud of its reputation as One World in One Country, and KZN grandly introduces Micato safariers to the country’s wonderful varieties, from craggy 11,000 foot peaks in the grand Drakensburg Mountains to the province’s long Indian Ocean coast, dotted with seaside resorts.

KwaZulu-Natal’s most populous city, Durban, is the country’s busiest port, a jazzy, sub-tropically warm, beach-rich destination in itself, and a gateway for safaris to those many resorts and the green rolling hills of KZN’s interior, “lovely beyond any singing of it,” as Alan Paton wrote in his much-loved Cry, the Beloved Country.

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