Laikipia Plateau, Kenya

Solio Lodge

Insider’s Review on Solio Lodge

Solio Lodge is the only lodge or camp within the historic 45,000-acre Solio Ranch and its enclosed, 19,000-acre Solio Reserve, and while few people come to Africa to see its mountains, the reserve’s views of the 13,000-foot Aberdare Range to the west and eloquent, ever-changing Mount Kenya to the east, are imposing backgrounds to its classic, game-thronged African landscapes.

With only six spacious, simply yet luxuriously decorated cottages, and a full range of amenities,—including complimentary Wi-Fi—Solio basks in serenity, and Micato guests revel in having the equivalent of more than 30 Central Parks all to themselves as they game drive in search of the reserve’s elephants, lions, leopards, Cape Buffalo, and rhinos—the fabled Big Five— and the hundreds of perhaps less celebrated, but equally compelling (and rigorously protected) mammal, avian, and reptilian species. Of note for rhinoceros admirers: Solio’s carefully monitored black rhino population is perhaps Africa’s largest; we’ve seen upwards of 40 of the dinosauric beasts in a single day.

Accommodations at Solio Lodge

Solio’s six thatched roof luxury cottages, graced with views of Mount Kenya through floor-to-ceiling windows, are awash with Africa’s golden light, and feature extraordinarily comfortable and large living areas and bathrooms. One of the cottages can be converted into a large family suite with two bathrooms; kids are very welcome at Solio.

The lodge’s spa prides itself on using natural Kenyan ingredients (and offers in-room service), and Solio’s Head Chef—always willing to conjure up specialized meals—is delighted to take us on a tour of his prized vegetable garden.

In-Room Amenities at Solio Lodge

  • WiFi
  • Private deck/veranda
  • In-room massage
  • En-suite bathrooms
  • Fireplace in common area

Activities at Solio Lodge

Our Micato Safari Director will take us, as always, on deeply informed and enthusiastic game drives during our stays at Solio, filling us in on news from the animal planet (which, in all this solitude, sometimes seems like the only, and the most engaging, planet of all). Amongst much else, we’ll get an on-the-ground education in Solio’s highly respected rhino conservation project, and we’ll be enchanted by giraffes lolloping across the plains, a sight that reveals these massive animals as breathtakingly athletic animals.

Mountain biking, night game drives, and fishing trips on the slopes of the Aberdares and Mount Kenya are also easily arranged, as is a surpassingly spectacular helicopter jaunt up to and around Mount Kenya—as we’re fond of pointing out, the only mountain on earth so revered and imposing that a country is named in its honour.

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