Should You Travel Solo on an African Safari? Yes!

By Sarah Gold August 23, 2023

If you’ve always thought of a luxury African safari as geared toward families and romantic couples, think again! At Micato, we are delighted to have noticed an increasing number of travellers taking their wish-list trips on their own—especially women.

A Micato safari is, in fact, an ideal opportunity for solo adventure. Not only do our safari-planning specialists help plot out every logistical aspect of your journey—from arranging on-safari flights and activities to providing packing lists (and even a special wheeled duffel bag that meets luggage-size requirements). Once you’ve arrived in Africa, you’ll also be in the supremely skillful hands of our Safari Directors and our behind-the-scenes magic makers, who ensure each wildlife-viewing outing, cultural exchange, activity, and lodge or camp stay is as magical as you’ve imagined.

Of course, we understand that even with guidance, embarking on such an extraordinary trip may seem daunting to women travelling independently. So, if you’re thinking of taking a Micato safari—either by joining one of our Classic small-group expeditions or crafting your own Custom Safari—here are a few other points to consider.

Fulfilling Your Own Dreams
If you’ve felt inspired to embark on an African safari, but also like you need a partner or friend to share the experience with, we have a piece of advice for you: Don’t wait. A safari is a singular, life-changing experience, one you will never regret giving to yourself. Enjoying it solo will also mean you’ll have opportunities to pursue your own special interests; if you’ve daydreamed about flying over Victoria Falls, or encountering wild mountain gorillas, or lounging on a stunning Zanzibari beach—or any of the countless other sojourns that make safari a top bucket-list item for so many travellers around the world—then you can, without needing to accommodate anyone else’s wishes.

african leopard
Animals sightings such as this await you in Micato’s Africa!

Companionship—When You Want It
One of the most wonderful benefits of safari travel is that it will almost certainly bring you into close contact with other like-minded travellers. If you join one of Micato’s Classic small-group safaris, you’ll get to join daily (and night-time) game drives alongside other safari-goers; depending on your itinerary, you can also partake in group activities like hot-air balloon rides, river cruises via boat or mokoro (traditional dugout canoe), sundowner picnics on the savannah, and visits to local villages and markets. A highlight for many safari travellers are the communal safari-camp meals, especially the lavish post-game drive dinners and drinks together around the campfire.

As a solo traveller, of course, you may find it equally wonderful to slip away on your own to take a private chef-led cooking class, or float in your lodge’s infinity pool. You may also simply want to gaze out at the magnificent African landscape—or the dazzling night sky—from the porch of your tent. As many of our guests have discovered, safari can be a time of profound reflection and self-discovery.

Assured Safety and Expertise
While taking a luxury safari with a reputable tour company is one of the safest ways to explore the African continent, we at Micato take assiduous care to ensure all our guests feel secure and comfortable. This commitment takes many forms. During the planning stage of your trip, we can help to identify the destinations, camps and lodges where you’ll feel most relaxed—and ensure that, once you’ve arrived in Africa, you’re promptly met and escorted through all travel checkpoints. On safari, you’ll have an indispensable trusted rafiki (Swahili for “friend”) in your Safari Director who will accompany you on every group and solo jaunt; provide comprehensive safety instructions about community and wildlife interactions on every part of your journey; and in general help to smooth your way, answer questions, and help make your dream safari a reality.

Feeling ready to take the solo-safari plunge? Contact us—we can’t wait to help you get started.

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