Travellers in Africa should exercise the same common sense precautions as when travelling in other developing countries or even in Europe. Pickpockets are present worldwide and African cities are no exception, so we urge guests to be aware in shops and crowded locations. Fine jewellery should be left at home and replaced by stylish African wooden and beaded bangles while on safari. When in city hotels and bush properties, it is never wise to leave cash or jewellery unattended, even if locked in your suitcase; every lodge or hotel has safe deposit facilities for your valuables.


Many of the camps and lodges we visit have an on-staff physician to tend to minor cuts, scrapes and ear infections.

For anything beyond their scope, the services of East Africa’s famous Flying Doctors are included in every safari as part of Micato’s comprehensive Passenger Protection Program. A group of highly qualified physicians, the doctors fly throughout the East African bush, providing treatment and emergency transportation. Similar evacuation services are available to Micato travellers in South Africa and select lodges in Botswana, ensuring our guests receive the quickest, most reliable medical attention and transport.

Wildlife at Mahali
Savute Safari Lodge Animals

A Word About Wildlife: Luxury bush lodges and camps are located in remote wildlife regions and game reserves, hence guests should follow the directives of the lodge staff regarding walking the grounds after dark. Where necessary, escorts are provided to and from cottages to the main area of the camp. Some bush lodges allow game to graze on their property – please do not mistake these animals for tame pets! Any wildlife along your path should always be given an extremely wide berth; you should make no attempt whatsoever to interact with wild animals. Additionally, young children should not walk the property unattended, especially at night.

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