Serengeti, Tanzania

Insider’s Review of The Villas at Four Seasons

The Serengeti is the Africa of our dreams, and few places are better situated to bring that dream to life than the magnificently designed, astutely luxurious Villas at Four Seasons.

The Serengeti is amazing in its enormity, its almost infinite skies and long, golden reaches, its million-year quiet. And from our villa’s floor-to-ceiling windows and expansive, view-besotted deck, we quietly take in little moments that live long in memory: elephants “pacing along as if they had an appointment at the end of the world,” as Isak Dinesen wrote. Loping giraffes, “like tiger lilies bending with dignity before a breeze,” in the words of Elspeth Huxley.

Accommodations at
The Villas at Four Seasons

The five private villas each have their own kitchen and plunge pool and range from one romantic bedroom to the grand, three-storey Presidential Suite’s three (that grand villa has its own chef, and was designed by acclaimed South African architect Francois Theron). All the villas are graced with bespoke, African-chic furnishings, the most modern of conveniences, and, as befits such an exclusive property, all needs are anticipated, and if something unanticipated pops up, your Micato Safari Director will quickly talk it over with the Villas’ top-notch staff, and…presto.


Activities and Attractions
at The Villas at Four Seasons

Your Micato Safari Director is affectionately at home in the Serengeti. Private game drives with him and his trusty Driver Guide are revelatory. Early morning game drives in the cool of the day give us the chance to observe lions as they limber up for their workday; it’s amazing to be so close to such supremely strong beasts, and to watch them search for game, gazing, eyes afire, right through our vehicles–as if we were a harmless cloud. Hippos galumph in muddy pools, mile-long streams of wildebeest and zebras pace along migratory paths, “and over everything,” John Gunther wrote, “is the high bright sky…foaming with enormous pink, cream-colored, and slate-blue clouds, so incandescent that they look as if they have fires inside.”

The Four Seasons prides itself on displaying the Serengeti in full: culturally, with respectful and hearty visits and walks with local Maasai; soul-enrichingly, with expansive game drives and explorations (including exhilarating balloon excursions in the clear morning air); and in partnership with our Micato Safari Director—following your inspirations, inclinations, and enthusiasm—we go all out to provide a comprehensive visit to the wondrous Serengeti.

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