Micato Teen Guest: My Family Safari Was the Experience of a Lifetime

By a Micato Guest February 10, 2022

With her little brother and parents in tow, teen guest Regan (above, far right) joined Micato on safari. We are pleased to share this lovely letter from her.

Dear Mrs. Jane Pinto,

I am writing to you today to show my appreciation for your work. I adored my visit to Africa and would like to thank you for the experience of a lifetime.

Our safari was the most beautiful and memorable trip of my life. I loved experiencing all the amazing places and interacting with the indigenous animals and the warm and welcoming people. I enjoyed learning about your country’s rich cultural and historical heritage while visiting the museums in Nairobi and the Olduvai Gorge dig site in Tanzania.

Our guide was knowledgeable and passionate about all that he shared with us and his enthusiasm was infectious. Of course, nothing could be more memorable than meeting all the amazing wildlife. Seeing giant elephants just outside of my bedroom window, feeding the giraffes, and watching little lion cubs play in the shade will be a memory that I hold close to my heart forever.

Finally, I was profoundly grateful to have the opportunity to meet the wonderful people of Kenya and Tanzania.

I loved going to a tribal village and sharing in the traditional dances and customs. I made fire by rubbing two sticks and learned about the hand-crafted jewelry, rugs and pottery that the people created.

I have to say that my favorite part of the trip, however, was meeting the children that were helped by AmericaShare. Being able to in some small way, be a part of the program that helps these kids get an education was an honor.

The accounts of how you’ve helped the children of your country have inspired and humbled me. My favorite is the story of the boy who started it all and how Lorna Macleod first came up with the idea of the AmericaShare project. The fact that that poor boy only needed fifteen dollars for a uniform and couldn’t go to school without one is heartbreaking. Mrs. Macleod changed that boy’s life that day and now because of your generosity, the AmericaShare project, continues to change the lives of children for the better.

Another particularly heartwarming story was Brian’s. I was amazed to hear how he taught himself everything that he needed to pass high school by going to the local library and then taking his high school exams. I am in high school now and even with great teachers I struggle to master all the learning. His drive to learn and succeed is truly astounding. By supporting the Harambee Community Center and Library you continue to better the lives of so many young people. If that wasn’t enough, you also provide 4,000,000 gallons of fresh drinking water every year for the kids at the Mukuru and Harambee Center, you support Women’s programs such as Huru International program and you help to save the wildlife with your elephant orphanage support.

The sheer amount of what you do for the people of your country is awe inspiring.

My time in Kenya and Tanzania has taught me how important it is to not only donate your money but donate your time and heart to people in need. You have inspired me to volunteer to help others as often as I can and to look for ways to create bridges between cultures and economic classes.

I may not make as big a difference as what you are doing at Micato but I want to help as many people as I can.

Thank you for inspiring me and allowing me to contribute to such a profound task in such a fun and exciting way. It has been one of the greatest and most profound experiences of my life and I owe it all to you and the wonderful people at Micato Safaris.


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