Micato Safaris Photo Contest Winners of 2017

By 829 Studios Admin December 15, 2017

Whether you’re travelling with us in Africa or India, there are going to be numerous moments throughout your trip where you pull out your digital camera or smartphone to snap a picture of your wondrous surroundings. Due to all the gorgeous sights our guests see and capture on their adventures, we want to both recognize and reward the best of the best. With our yearly photo contest, we grant gold, silver, and bronze prizes to the greatest photos snapped by our travellers. 

While their savviness with a camera is undeniable, guests often lend a bit of their credit to our Micato team seeing as our Safari Directors are able to get them to the perfect spots for stunning photographs. We welcome the nod but it’s really all about the guests when it comes to the photo contest. Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the photo contest winners for 2017. 

The Grand Prize

a juvenile lion lounging in a tree

The 2017 grand prize winner, Lawrence Grunewald, captured this magnificent photograph of a juvenile lion lounging in a tree. Encounters like these are what our Micato family dreams of.   

The Silver Prize

a giraffe walking during sunset on the African plains

The 2017 silver prize was awarded to this amazing photograph, captured by Mark and Luann Oakeson, of the African bush at sunset. Gorgeous all on its own, it’s the towering silhouette of a giraffe that ties everything together perfectly.

The Bronze Prize

a baboon mother and a baby baboon

Rounding out the 2017 winners with the bronze prize was this image featuring a photogenic baboon duo snapped by our guest, Carol Adams. Running into baby animals on safari is and always will be an absolute treat, and this photo of mother and child was too good to pass on. 

What the Winners Get & How to Submit Your Photos

If your photo ends up getting you the grand prize, you’ll be granted a $3,000 credit to either a future trip with us or to spend at your leisure in the Micato Safari Shop. Silver prize winners will scoop up a $1,000 shop credit and bronze prize winners will be given a $500 shop credit.

At this point, you’re likely wondering how you can submit your photographs and get started. It’s easy. Simply fill out the form here, add your photo, and click “send photo”. That’s it! We can’t wait to see more of our guest’s Micato memories, so dive into your albums and get to submitting today.

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