Useful Resources

We’ve curated some great resources for you ranging from people that can assist with passports to fine craftsman that can mount your treasured Indian Art. For your convenience, clicking View Website below each company description will open a new browser window for that company.


CIBT can provide expedited service in obtaining visas, new and renewed passports and more.

Trip Mate

Trip Mate provides travel protection plans that will cover our U.S.-based travellers during their journeys.

Priority Pass

Priority Pass provides access to over 500 airport VIP lounges around the world, allowing you to make the most of your time at the airport.

U.S. State Department Travel Page

U.S. State Department Travel Page provides details on obtaining a U.S. passport, as well as other valuable travel information.

Passport Canada

Passport Canada offers details on obtaining a Canadian passport as well as other valuable travel information.

Amyas Naegele

Amyas Naegele is a fine artist based in New York City who sells, restores and makes custom mounts for unique Indian art and ethnographic objects.