Micato’s India: A Feast for the Senses

By Micato Staff March 21, 2024

A mosaic of diversity, India’s soul is swimming deep in history and culture and, as we will attempt to establish herein, is no slouch when it comes to dining and shopping, either!

Dining in Micato’s India

India famously has multitudes of cuisines and one journey to the country is honestly not enough to experience them all—which is why Micato reports that many guests, from guests who normally eat to live to hardcore foodies—come back again and again. Fun fact: SAVEUR magazine once recognized Micato Safaris as Best Culinary Tour Operator.

Here now, our favourite culinary experiences in Micato’s India.

A culinary experience in a local home in Jaipur.

A splendid array of colourful, spicy, and unique dishes, the Rajasthani platter is a gastronomic delight. As is the case with most other civilizations of the world, the culinary style of this glorious desert state of India has been affected by the natural topography and indigenously available ingredients. During a specially arranged experience with Micato, guests get invited into the stately home of a prominent local family for a culinary experience, whose love of their roots and heritage becomes abundantly clear as they take their very lucky dinner guests on an aromatic journey to discover Rajasthani cuisine.

A Mughal feast at Peshawri in Agra.

An authentic Indian dining experience, Peshawri is arguably the best restaurant in Agra. Specialties are melt-in-your-mouth kababs and rich, hearty lentil stews. Many of the recipes have been brought to India by the Mughal emperors and bear striking resemblance to the food served in Persia—albeit with Indian touches.

A food walk through the side lanes of Old Delhi.

The lanes of Old Delhi are justly famous for the mind-boggling diversity of food on display. Savouries, snacks, biscuits, sweets, cottage cheese, spices, vegetables, and fruits, everything is available in Old Delhi. Many vendors have been in the same business for multiple generations and have built reputations on the basis of specialty dishes such as along the famous parathe wali gali which is a tiny lane that specialises in stuffed Indian breads. The food also reflects the religious and social cuisine habits of various communities that make up Old Delhi. Micato guests often jump at the chance to take a leisurely food walk as their Micato Travel Director points out the delectable culinary delights that await at every turn.

Shopping in Micato’s India

Shopping in India is a rich tapestry of experiences where you’ll find everything from, well, tapestries to vibrant apparel to home linens to exquisite jewelry to whatever else you can imagine under the Indian sun. In the company of your Micato Travel Director you’ll get an insider’s view of India’s rich shopping scene, which includes meeting the fascinating artisans and shopkeepers who have been plying their crafts and trades for generations.


Being as it’s the capital city, Delhi is home to a diverse range of products sourced from across the country. Shoppers will find a splendid selection of ethnic outfits crafted from silk, cotton, and khadi, the iconic homespun cloth associated with Mahatma Gandhi. Also on display are the intricately embroidered shawls, high-quality leather goods, exquisite jewelry, carpets made from wool and silk, including dhurries (popular handwoven rugs for the home), as well as brass and copperware. In addition you’ll discover an impressive selection of books, dried fruits, and teas.


As you head to Agra, you’ll find that its masterfully crafted marble adorned with delicate inlays and carvings are fine examples of the work of skilled artisans, who can be observed at select outlets practicing their craft. Among its treasures, Agra boasts exquisite Indian jewelry, ranging from contemporary styles to a splendid royal tradition. Notably, Kohinoor Jewellers stands as a widely acclaimed establishment, showcasing exceptional examples of Indian jewelry in the true Mughal style. With a legacy spanning over a century, Kohinoor crafts treasures that embody the opulence and elegance of the Mughal era.


A haven for shoppers, Jaipur is renowned for its exquisite gems and jewelry. The city’s markets offer a treasure trove of precious and semi-precious stones meticulously set in gold, showcasing the intricate art of meenakari, which is enamel work of exceptional craftsmanship. Antique and chunky silver pieces, including Colombian emeralds that are brought to Jaipur for cutting and polishing, are available, adding to the city’s allure for jewelry enthusiasts. Beyond jewelry, Jaipur presents a diverse array of finds, including intricately woven carpets, miniature paintings on silk and paper, distinctive blue pottery, and vibrant glass bangles. The textile offerings are equally captivating, featuring brocades, tie-dye, block prints, and the famous mirror-work embroidery.


In Udaipur, a top draw is Pechwai painting, where artists skilfully employ natural dyes on silk and paper to create mesmerizing miniature works of art. Udaipur favours Mughal-style artwork, characterized by the incorporation of precious and semi-precious stones into the very fabric of the paintings, adding an opulent touch.

Deeper Dive: Our Favourite Shops

A Micato Travel Director is happy to accompany travellers on shopping journeys and suggest places on the fly, but here are a few favorites that the avid shopper will want to add to their luxury tour of India.

Fine Kashmiri Pashmina shawls at Sanduq, New Delhi

A hidden gem is Sanduq, tucked away in one of the smaller local markets of Delhi. They offer a selection of gossamer Pashmina shawls with delicate embroidery using silk threads.

Nila Jaipur

Nila aims to revive and preserve and promote the usage of natural dyes and ancient techniques like hand-spinning and handloom weaving. Handmade textile and sustainable design is their expertise.

A Middle-eastern flair at Ecru, Jaipur

Ecru was born from the memories of Lebanese designers Nur and Noor. Focusing mainly on the materials in their elemental form, it offers multitudes of trinkets, table linens, and much more, invoking a welcome style of Middle East meets India.

All things Indian at Good Earth, New Delhi

India’s home-grown brand caters to those looking for luxurious and beautifully designed Indian-themed items. Fine bone-China crockery with gold details, exquisite home linens, and dreamy cotton and silk clothing are among the offerings here.

Garments galore at Anokhi and FabIndia

Specially known for breathable cottons in block colours (Fab) and the famous block prints (Anokhi), these two are much-loved. One can find home linens and décor items here as well.

Skin essentials at Forest Essentials

How could we miss all things for that glowing skin! Forest Essentials features luxury natural beauty products that are divinely fragrant and beautifully packaged.

Contemporary leather at Nappa Dori, Delhi

Another of India’s home-favoured brands is Nappa Dori, excelling in leather goods that have minimal designs and reflect a desire to preserve artisanal sensibilities

Micato has a long and storied history in India and our top-notch travel planners can ensure you see the very best of it. Request our brochure of luxury Indian Journeys and Schedule a Consultation with our India Specialists today.

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