Red Hill Library and Community Centre

Tucked away on the verdant seaward side of the glorious Old Cape Road, south of Cape Town, past the imposing Steenberg Mountains and lovely Simon’s Town, on the way to the Cape of Good Hope, is the community of Red Hill, whose 1,500 makeshift households are blessed with wonderful views, bright community spirit, and not much in the way of community services.

“Micato-AmericaShare’s educational outreach in East Africa inspired us to find a community in South Africa where we can have a lasting impact,” says Lorna Macleod, AmericaShare’s co-founder and executive director. “And at Red Hill, we knew we had found our place.”

That place is AmericaShare’s Red Hill Library and Community Centre, a joyful place for a town with a single part-time clinic, 37 per cent unemployment, and no school for its more than 2,000 school-age kids, who, if they attend school, have to take long bus rides to state schools in the vicinity.

Children happily sitting in a library
A view of the outside of the library

Accomplished in close partnership with the Red Hill Development Forum and the Red Hill Literacy Project, this bright new library is staffed with trained librarians, a computer centre, and a welcoming community meeting place.

Most of Micato’s safariers to the Cape Peninsula will visit the Red Hill Library and Community Centre, and many of them will be inspired to help it bring more light to the community. They’ll want to make donations like books, computers, or funds for a new building.

Red Hill’s families are thankful and inspired by those gifts. (And here’s a thankful tip of the Micato safari hat to Sara and Michael Craig-Scheckman whose generosity has done so much to bolster our Literacy and Numeracy and Digital Skills projects.)

So: if you’d like to visit Red Hill, either before or after your Micato safari, or if you’re just inspired by what you’re seeing and reading, visit or send an email to

Literacy and Numeracy Programme

Designed to equip Red Hill kids with the skills they’ll need as they enter the educational system, our Literacy and Numeracy Programme meets every day for two hours, giving the kids a wide range of early childhood development activities and gradual, focused introductions to reading and numeracy. Learning the foundational concepts of mathematics, such as counting, understanding the order of numbers, making comparisons between larger and smaller numbers, students’ learning takes a dynamic leap, embracing both hands-on and digital approaches. Through hands-on learning they engage in counting with objects and experimenting with practical exercises. Simultaneously, the integration of computer-based learning encompasses interactive activities to enhance fundamental basic mathematics.

Digital Skills

Having a computer at home in the community of Red Hill is great rarity. So the computers available at Red Hill are an extremely valuable resource in allowing students to be active participants in the digital learning age.

Our classes focus on Google Classroom assignments,, and Tynker Coding. Students are constantly encouraged to accomplish tasks independently to foster problem-solving skills, although they can always rely on AmericaShare staff to help whenever needed. Additionally, they utilize various educational fun and engaging websites for interactive games, puzzles, and challenges.

The View to Success Deck

The beautiful, ocean-view Umbono Wempunelelo—View to Success Deck—has become an integral part of Red Hill’s commitment to meeting the needs of young, energetic minds. The deck’s combination of fresh air and sunlight enhances learning experiences, promotes improved focus, creativity, and overall well-being. Engaging in learning activities outdoors, such as listening to stories, playing with building blocks, colouring, and participating in physical activities, is a successful method for keeping children attentive, motivated, and eager to learn.

This collaboration with Micato-AmericaShare has brought light to our community. Scholars are able to do their homework and research in the library, which provides a great environment for their education and homework clubs. The Forum is also benefitting from having a productive space in which to meet. This project has uplifted the entire community by making resources available to everybody.Luyando Lombo, Red Hill Development Forum member

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.Nelson Mandela