The Laikipia Plateau, Kenya

Loisaba Lodo Springs

Exterior view of Loisaba Lodo Springs

Insider’s Review of Loisaba Lodo Springs

Set in the 57,000 acre Loisaba Conservancy on a sincere little bluff  overlooking the vast Laikipia Plateau, a set-piece of African geography, Loisaba Lodo Springs is a small, strikingly designed lodge that pays tribute to old safari ways, with outstanding service, unobtrusive luxury, and intimate respect for the land, timelessly peaceful under “the high bright Kenya sky,” as John Gunther wrote, “foaming with enormous pink, cream-colored, and slate-blue clouds, so incandescent that they look as if they have fires inside.”

Accommodations at Loisaba Lodo Springs

A Micato friend wrote that Lodo Springs’ eight rooms “looked like they were designed by an old-time African landowner with exquisite, modern-leaning taste.” Each of the eight is a beautifully thought-out melding of fresh design with the airiness of safari tents: a classic tent top rises above the room’s wrap-around sliding glass doors and windows. At night the rooms gleam like jewels, and, and as the great Elspeth Huxley wrote, the African sky “arches under the heavens like a vast and iridescent plume of frozen smoke.”

The room’s interiors are elegantly simple, with polished wood floors, warm wood accents, and a verandah overlooking the Plateau, which in turn is overlooked by Mount Kenya, a mountain with such presence that its country took its name.

In-Room Amenities at Loisaba Lodo Springs

  • Wi-Fi
  • Private Deck/ Veranda
  • En Suite Bathroom
  • Fireplace

Amenities at Loisaba Lodo Springs

  • Horse Stables
  • Library
  • Shared Pool
  • Fitness Room
  • Tennis Court

Activities at Loisaba Lodo Springs

Since we’re in the private, community- and conservation-centric Loisaba Conservancy our game viewing in the Loisaba with our Micato Safari Director is especially private (privacy being one of the major building blocks of luxury, of which Lodo Springs has ample).

The Loisaba Plateau presents a variety of landscapes, from classic African bush country to riverine forests, inhabited by 800 or so elephants, who meander along one of the Kenya’s major elephant corridors; a host of endangered Grevy’s zebras (the most geometrically stunning of zebras, we believe); a stable and healthy lion population, leopards, cheetahs, and 46 other mammal species—including a new and unexpectedly enthralling pack of wild dogs.

In addition to game drives, Loisaba Lodo offers guided fishing (with gear supplied by the lodge), short and longer camel safaris, mountain biking; walking excursions with local Samburu guides, and low-key cultural visits to their villages, partners in the Loisaba Conservancy. Lodo Springs will also be glad to introduce you to their highly-trained and motivated anti-poaching unit.

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