Mathews Mountain Range, Kenya

Kitich Camp

Kitich Camp

Insider’s Review of Kitich Camp

Escape from it all at Kitich Camp, and harken back to the golden age of safaris with Hemingway and Roosevelt (which of course means no internet!) Because of the pristine state of the surrounding virgin wilderness, a walk, accompanied by an expert Samburu and Ndorobo guide, feels like a journey back in time. Stroll beneath the acacia trees and spot an elephant, or trek to a stunning natural swimming pool hidden in the wilderness. At Kitich you are truly, delightfully, away.

Kitich is a lush oasis nestled in a verdant grove of fig trees, indigenous flowering shrubs and prehistoric Cycad palms. The cosy, firelit lounge faces the wildlife-rich bank of the Ngeng River, and is surrounded by thickly wooded hillsides and the craggy peaks of Matthew’s Mountain Range (Kenya). This unique luxury camp prides itself in being a true getaway: there is no internet access here and you’ll explore the virgin forest by foot.

Accommodations at Kitich Camp

The six spacious and luxurious tents are lit with enchanting hurricane lanterns and decorated with an eye to the rustic purity of the surroundings. The tents are outfitted with large comfortable beds and en suite bathrooms with canvas showers. Oriental rugs line the floors, and each tent has its own private verandah for game viewing, reading, or meditating over morning coffee.

With a maximum of eight guests at any given time, dinner can be a social or intimate pleasure, taken on the deck overlooking a lush river glade. Kitich cuisine benefits from the Italian influence of the owners, and the scrumptious meals feature extremely fresh, organic ingredients.

A note for families & children

Kitich is happy to host children of all ages.

Amenities at Kitich Camp

  • 24-hour electricity

In-Room Amenities at Kitich Camp

  • WiFi
  • Private deck/veranda
  • En-suite bathrooms
  • Outdoor/under canvas showers
  • Oil-lamps for room

Activities at Kitich Camp

Without roads you can get up close and track game on foot in the company of an expert guide and armed ranger. The area is rich in wildlife, with an abundance of rare northern species such as the Grevy’s zebra, Somali ostrich, reticulated giraffe, gerenuk and the beisa oryx (also known as the Samburu Special Five). Hundreds of elephant call this reserve home, and large predators such as lion, leopard and cheetah are also an attraction. Birdlife is abundant, with over 450 species recorded.

There is game aplenty, but other opportunities for education and diversion also abound: swimming in natural rock pools, bird watching, bush picnics, and enlightening visits to local Samburu families.

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