Earn BIG Commissions Selling Micato

It’s As Easy As MPG

2. Click here to download and complete a sheet.

It’s on this sheet that you’ll provide the names and addresses of your best prospects for a Micato Safari — up to 100 of them! This information will be used both to mail your clients their brochures and personalize the notecards we described above. We hasten to add that Micato will never, ever see or save these names and addresses or use them for any other purpose other than having our brochures sent to your clients as part of this program.

Micato Pro Tip: Include your name and address among the recipients on the sheet so you receive a Micato brochure, too. This allows you to see the mailing the way your clients see it, and, the arrival of your brochure serves as a handy signal that your clients have received it, too, at which point we encourage you to follow up,  gauge their interest in a Micato safari and, hopefully, make a profitable sale!

3. Email the sheet directly to our mail house.

Please send it to Adriana (adriana@svdirect.com) at our outside mail house, SVD. Use the subject line “MPG Mailing List (Your Name).” If you don’t receive confirmation from Adriana, we suggest you follow up, as these emails regrettably end up in spam folders from time to time.

As noted above, we will not receive a copy of this sheet and Adriana will totally destroy it after she mails the Micato brochures to your clients.

And then, that’s it, the seed will be planted! And if your clients already have safari on their bucket lists, receiving our brochure will certainly move it up a few notches on the list!

Keep in mind…

  • Once the list is uploaded, brochures typically take about a week to reach your clients.
  • Enrolling in the Micato Profit Generator Programme gives you a chance to win a $500 American Express gift card at the end of the year!

If you have any questions about how the Micato Profit Generator Programme works, either before or after you join — again, at no cost to you! — give us a call at 800-642-2861 or email Claire Green at cgreen@micato.com.