The Tented Camp Experience

Over-the-top luxury in the alluring African wilds...nothing evokes the romance of safari like a tented camp.

Lavish. Impeccable. Perfectly appointed and ideally designed. These are just a few of the things we’ve heard from guests about their experience at tented safari camps with Micato. But the most common thing we’ve heard is: How can this be a tent?

Of course, the word “tent” is woefully inadequate in describing these accommodations. Set in the shade of native trees, these earthen-colored canvas sanctuaries recall safari’s salad days—rustic, romantic, refined.

Even before you enter your tent, you’ll be amazed. You may sit on your private teak deck overlooking a gently rippling river,

with birdsong rippling from the surrounding trees. A front-row seat for Nature’s soothing symphony.

But it’s when you look inside that you are truly amazed. Mahogany four-poster beds and dressing tables, spacious domed rooms of native woods and old stone. Colourful Swahili fabrics enveloping beds and soft easy chairs. Old chests and ethnic artefacts, leather chesterfield sofas, Victorian antiques mixed with hand-hewn furnishings. Adventurers like Hemingway, Roosevelt and Blixen would feel right at home.

Here, you are ensconced in luxurious elegance, yet surrounded by the timeless allure of the African wilds. In short, you’ll be utterly enchanted.

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