A perfect end to a remarkable day in an incomparable land...

Sundowners. To the uninitiated, it may be difficult to envision the exceptional treat and Africa safari experience in store. But for old Africa hands, it is one of the golden joys of safari life.

Picture it: you’ve completed your afternoon game run, and are taken to a breathtaking bluff overlooking the seemingly limitless plains. A spectacular scene awaits: a glowing campfire, tables, chairs and smiling, uniformed waiters at attention.

Cocktails are served, with stunning views of the savannah as a breathtaking backdrop. Orange sparks from the campfire sail playfully skyward and disappear into the luminous hues of the slowly dusking sky.

Animals can be seen roaming far below, little dots of movement along the plains you had so giddily explored that day.

You sit in a comfortable chair—stretching out, sharing tales of the day with your fellow travellers. You survey the extraordinary panorama before you in the fading light of an impossibly wide sky. Does it get any better than this?

The question requires no answer. This is a special moment in time. On a breeze-kissed hilltop, as the warmth of the African day gives way to the cool of the evening, we experience a rare peace and beauty.

This is the Africa of your imagination. And an experience beyond compare.

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