Rovos Rail

The epitome of elegant Travel … this is poetry in locomotion.

Billed as “The Most Luxurious Train in the World,” the Rovos Rail transports its guests blissfully across South Africa on amazing Africa private tours. From Cape Town to Pretoria, the many personalities of the idyllic South African countryside unfold before you: the golden grasslands, the mystic expanses of the Great Karoo, the craggy mountains and rolling vineyards. It is as if you are riding through a piece of evolving art--a swerving, sweeping brushstroke through an ever-changing painting.

And to enjoy this striking scenery in such exquisite style is an absolute pleasure. Impeccably restored to capture the lavishness of a bygone era, each of the carriages on the Rovos Rail carries its own story.

Some date back nearly a hundred years, others have transported royalty—but all are utterly opulent. And throughout, every detail has been considered: wood-paneled walls feature intricate art. Traditional furniture and finery recall turn-of-the-century elegance. The Victorian dining room provides world-class ambiance for five-star cuisine, and suites are the most spacious in the world, melding Edwardian elegance with modern amenities.

This is truly a travel experience unlike any other—travelling through a storied land in unmatched luxury… riding on a legendary “iron horse” with a singularly velvet touch.

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