Hot Air Balloon Safari

An angel’s-eye view of a heavenly landscape.

A pre-dawn mist covers the Maasai Mara like a blanket, billowy gray over dewy green, as well as a peaceful hush. Your balloon pilot let the fires blaze into the rainbow-striped expanse of the balloon above you, and then…you’re aloft.

It is an effortless feeling usually reserved for dreams… natural, feather-light, exhilarating. There, looking out over a stunning landscape, from your peerless perch, in the calming silence of the African dawn… it’s hard to imagine it getting any better. And then, the star of the show—quite literally, in fact—pokes out from under its terrestrial cloak.

The sun rises, a candle burning through the gauzy clouds, illuminating the broad lands below. You glide over the denizens of the bush—a group of strolling giraffes, grazing zebras, wildebeest ramming their heads in a battle of wills. Here, with an angel’s-eye view of a heavenly landscape, time stands still… even as Africa’s timeless drama plays out below.

Eventually (likely against your pleadings) the pilot lands the balloon softly on the grass, where a champagne breakfast awaits. It is the perfect end to a transcendental experience… and yet your day will have only just begun.

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