Your First Game Drive

Edge-of-your-seat anticipation, thrilling moments of discovery. It's everything you've heard... and more.

The day is brand new. Dew is glistening on the grass, the sun is just beginning to grace the golden landscape. You sip a gourmet coffee, breathing in the fresh morning air. This is where it begins—the excitement of intertwined worlds, the bated-breath thrill of your first game drive.

As your vehicle rumbles away from your camp, you excitedly begin to scan your surroundings.Who knows what’s in store for you? Chance, and the skill of your driver, will determine whether you will see a family of cheetah or an elephant charge.The trees in the distance may turn out to be a family of giraffe. And the rock that moves? It may well be a rhino.

We might see a majestic lion scaling a tree. See a pod of hippos immersed in the river, or some crocodiles sunning on its bank. Impalas bounding through the plains and, perhaps, a leopard laying chase.

Mammals, by the herd. Birds, in every conceivable shape, size and colour. Buffaloes, zebras and klipspringers, oh my. The African landscape bursts forth with wildlife; the game-viewing possibilities are virtually endless and utterly captivating. This is Africa: real, untamed, exhilarating. There is simply nothing like a game drive to bring out the timeless and invigorating wildness of Africa and to complete an African luxury safari.

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