A glimpse of a different side of Africa. And, perhaps, the life-affirming highlight of your luxury safari tour.

As part of your East African safari, you can visit a project of AmericaShare, Micato Safaris’ non-profit arm. During this heartwarming segment of your journey, you’ll witness the everyday life of a poor African community and learn how it’s improving itself against daunting odds.

Amidst the ramshackle houses and swirling dust in the Mukuru slum of Nairobi, you will see the smiling children. They are playful, beaming. They may even yell ‘How are you! How are you! How are you!’ in a rhythmic chant of welcome. Because despite the pervasive poverty here, there is an abiding hope.

And that hope has an address. Harambee Centre, the headquarters of Micato’s nonprofit arm, AmericaShare. Here, the rutted dirt roads yield to neatly-cut grass. The corrugated metal shacks give way to brick-and-mortar buildings. A borehole offers residents precious fresh water.The buildings allow residents to gather for meetings. And soon there will be a new library at the Centre, an educational oasis for both adults and children.

Many Micato travellers mark the visit to an AmericaShare project as the highlight of their journey. They can see how paths being blazed, how outlooks are being brightened… and how lives are being changed.

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