Dinner with the Pintos

When you travel with Micato, you’re not travelling with just a company—you’re travelling in the company of a real family. This evening sets the tone for what is a warm and rewarding journey...

A visit to the Pinto home for cocktails and dinner is a highlight of our East African luxury safaris. Though each experience is unique, the evening and may go something like this…

From the moment you enter the Pinto home, you’ll feel at home. You will likely be greeted by Felix and Jane Pinto—the founders of Micato in Kenya over 40 years ago, and your hosts for the evening. It is a warm welcome, gracious and affable… the kind for which the Pintos have become famous.

And before long, you realize why this is such a special evening. The joie de vivre is palpable. You and your fellow travellers mingle around the tables covered in white linen; Candlelight flickers on the silverware and gilds the wine glasses.

The hum of pleasant conversation fills the air, along with the heavenly aroma drifting from the nearby kitchen. And then, the feast begins.

The chef, with over twenty-five years in service with the family, creates remarkable Indian and Kenyan cuisine. The flavours he conjures—from the mild to the zesty, and virtually everything in between—are a delightful introduction to the culinary excellence that awaits you on safari. As you savour your meal, a spirit of camaraderie grows among the travellers gathered here—stories are told, laughs are plentiful, friendships are kindled.

The dinner affords a unique opportunity to experience the gracious hospitality for which the African people are well-known. Felix and Jane take great pleasure in meeting all of their travellers… and in counting many as friends.

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