Bush Walks

Not only seeing wildlife… but walking in their world.

There is something about feeling your feet thump across the undulating African earth. About the tickle of the grass blades against your fingers, and feeling the grooves left in a tree by an elephant’s tusk. Yes, there is something about experiencing the timeless African landscape on foot.

After admiring the sun rising over the savannah, you embark on your walk led by your Samburu guide—a man whose affability may only be surpassed by his knowledge of this landscape. On a distant hill, a mother giraffe and her calf lope along in unison. Zebras stand in the foreground, a cluster of interwoven stripes, assiduously grazing in the morning

sunshine. The creatures cast the occasional glance your way, but generally just continue about their day.

Maintaining a comfortable stride (no need to hurry in place so serene), you continue through the resplendent landscape in the crisp morning air, whispering your amazement to your fellow travellers. It’s as if you are walking in a cathedral: its vault the cobalt blue firmament above, its altar the panorama of primeval beauty all around. This is a whole new wilderness experience… and as the path curves ahead of you, the excitement builds within. Take a luxury walking safari with us!

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