Bush Breakfasts

Chandelier elegance under cerulean skies... this is an al fresco feast like no other.

It may seem like a mirage, when you first set eyes upon it. You are out on an invigorating bush walk and there, nestled near twin acacia trees, sits a long table—immaculately set and glimmering under the light of a morning sun.

Your guides offer you coffee and juice, and invite you to sit down at the linen-draped table. Chefs from the lodge make your meals only feet away, and mouth-watering aromas drifted on the savannah breeze. The sun has risen just enough to warm the landscape, and the brilliant blue sky contrasts nicely with the russet grasses.

The birds of the bush can be heard, punctuating the otherwise silent savannah with their songs. You can simply sit back and sigh… this is ambience!

Before you know it, your al-fresco feast is before you: eggs, toast with jam, mango and orange juice, bacon, fresh fruits and more. The options seem endless, and each bite is more sumptuous than the one before…it’s as if your wild surroundings draw out the deepest flavours.

As you look around at the rolling hills and wide skies around you, it can be hard to imagine a more perfect dining experience.

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