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The Leakey Excavations A Northern Frontier Expedition

Gliding down massive sand dunes. Visiting a remote African tribe, and quad-biking past herds of wildlife. Exploring the Cradle of Mankind with Africa's legendary family of fossil hunters. All of these are uncommon safari experiences, but combining them into one adventure is the most extraordinary of all.

That is precisely what we've done in A Northern Frontier Expedition. We'll travel by deluxe helicopter, allowing unfettered access to isolated places and invigorating activities. Like the spectacular dunes of the Saguta Valley for the thrill of sand surfing. The windswept shores of Lake Turkana for a fishing expedition, perhaps visiting Kenya's smallest tribe, the El Molo. From the desert floor to the summit of breathtaking Mount Nyiro.

The highlight of this sojourn: the Turkana Basin Institute research facilities in Turkwel and Ileret, where you'll get a veritable master class in fossils with Louis Leakey's granddaughter, Louise, who continues the family legacy with her mother, Meave. True paleoanthropology royalty-having proven the African genesis for humankind-the family was featured in Time's list of the 100 most important people of the last century. Time noted that with Louise and Meave, "the stage is set for the first family of anthropology to continue well into the next century."

We get an opportunity to overnight here, living the life of an archeologist with the Leakey team. From adventures in paleoanthropology to the ecology of the African savannahs to the luxe of Kenya's most exotic tented camps. This sensational adventure offers it all.

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For a closer look at the Leakey Excavations and the recent discovery of the oldest stone tools ever, check out our blog.

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