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True Stories

True Stories

The Micato Difference—as so many have called it—is best expressed in the stories of actual guests. The people who arrive as our guests on our luxurious safaris in South Africa, and leave as our friends.

Like the guests who had mentioned how they were missing going to synagogue while on their safari. When they returned to Nairobi after their safari, they found a car and driver waiting for them. Jane Pinto had made special arrangements for them to visit the local synagogue.

Or the traveller who happened to buy the wrong size pants in Nairobi. Merely mentioning it in passing, he was surprised to find the same pants waiting for him when he arrived in the bush…except this pair fit perfectly.

There are countless examples like this—the real-life stories that make up the Micato Difference. Often, guests write to thank us...but of course, no thanks are needed. This is just the way we do things. We simply are not happy unless our guests are ecstatic—and that’s a commitment we make every day, with every guest… so that the stories continue.