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The Music of Africa

The Music of Africa

To Africans, music is a part of life. The unique instruments, harmonious voices and ancient rhythms of African safari music all combine to form the jubilant pulse of this continent.

Singing is an important part of the music; and because many languages in Africa are dependent on tone and pitch to convey meaning, the melodies are sometimes influenced by the words of the song. The vocals are often accompanied by traditional instruments ranging from kettledrums and rattles to bamboo flutes and trumpets made from sections of a gourd. In addition, dance is frequently incorporated as a fundamental (and inextricable) part of a song. Dance is seen as simply another way to communicate, and movement as a form of expression.

Today's African music is as entrancing and inspiring as ever. And we'll admit: we have our favorites. Here are two musical organizations we are proud to support.

Boys Choir of Kenya
The choir, comprised of boys ages 13 to 24 and including many orphans, performs to raise school fees for their members and other orphans in Kenya. Micato has had an ongoing relationship with the choir, and even flew them to Las Vegas to sing at an exclusive event.

Since then, The Boys Choir performed at the inauguration event for President Obama, and were offered a recording contract shortly thereafter. The choir's director has graciously claimed that it all started with Micato, but we know the truth - it all started with these marvelous boys and their angelic voices. You can learn more about the Boys Choir of Kenya at: This link opens in a new window

African Children’s Choir
The African Children’s Choir raises funds for the impoverished children in Africa. The members of the choir come from some of the poorest countries in Africa, and have become ambassadors for the disadvantaged children of Africa. They have also performed at an exclusive Micato event, and left the crowd completely impressed and truly touched.

They have lifted their voices for such luminaries as the Queen of England and Nelson Mandela, and their message of hope resonates with people around the world. You can learn more about the African Children’s Choir at: This link opens in a new window