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How to Choose

How to Choose

We know it can be somewhat intimidating at first. Your perfect safari and a luxury trip to Africa may just seem a fuzzy image in your mind right now-but our expert safari specialists can help you make that image crystal clear.

Because choosing the right safari is a uniquely personal endeavour, our safari specialists will make sure they truly understand your wants and needs. Here are some questions your safari specialist might go over with you, just to begin the discussion:

Who will be joining you?
Is this a family safari, or will you be going solo? Will it just be you and a partner, or will you be traveling with a whole crew of friends? The size and makeup of our party will make a difference in your choice of safari...

What wildlife do you want to see?
Are you more interested in birds or the Big Five? Is it the menacing might of Africa’s cats that you are more drawn to, or the swift grace of its gazelles? And, in fact, is wildlife your main focus, or are you looking to mix things up by adding the sophistication of cities or the singular sight of a Natural Wonder?

What type of landscape interests you?
Do you long to roam the wide-open plains or explore the wild corners of dense woodlands? Are you looking for the barefoot ease of the beach or the rugged adventure of the mountains? Do the dry lands of Samburu tempt you, or are the reed-fringed waterways of the Okavango Delta more your style? Does a combination of these appeal to you?

How luxurious would you like your safari to be?
Every one of our safaris is truly indulgent. But with Micato, there are many layers of luxury that go beyond imagining. Depending on your budget, we can craft a safari that is simply sublime, or one that is over-the-top luxurious. No matter what, you will be treated like royalty.

How much time do you have?
We always recommend our guests take as much time as they can—there is simply so much to see and do. We have safaris that range from as little as a week to as long as you wish; and we can create an experience that packs your days with adventure or leaves you with more leisure time. It’s up to you…

The answers to these questions will a starting point; and with the help of your safari specialist you can choose the safari that is right for you. And if it turns out that our established departures don’t fit your needs, we’ll craft a customised safari just for you, perhaps even one of our incomparable Bespoke Adventure safaris.

Call us at 1-800-MICATO-1, and take that exciting initial step towards your first safari.