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African Splendour

Weather on Safari

Both East and Southern Africa enjoy glorious climates and both can accurately be called year-round destinations.

East Africa enjoys glorious climates and can accurately be called a year-round destination. In Kenya and Tanzania, a blissful 70 degrees Fahrenheit greets the day and rarely does the temperature vary throughout the year. It is one of those exceptional areas of the world that enjoys "eternal spring." Yet, located on the equator, a widespread misconception is that the weather is hot and sultry. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth! The elevated altitudes keep temperatures utterly balmy and comfortable, even calling for sweaters and jackets every evening and morning.

No matter when you go to Southern Africa, the region offers thoroughly agreeable weather for all safari activities. Southern Africa experiences more noticeable changes in its seasons. April through November is Southern Africa's winter, when daytime temperatures are a fresh 60-75 degrees with little rain. During the height of Southern Africa's summer (December through March), temperatures are warmer and some rain may fall, making the bush lush and green.