The Micato Photo Contest - The Best of 2012

Snapping the perfect photo on safari has a lot to do with being in the right place at the right time.  And while Micato can take credit for getting you there, many of our guests evidently have a knack for knowing precisely when to raise their cameras, and how to frame a fabulous photo.  Plenty of stunning images were submitted in 2012 and we're thrilled to announce the winners.

Congratulations to our Gold Winner, Lorne Rose, who will receive a $3,000 credit toward a future safari.  Zachary Rapaport, our silver winner (age 13!), will receive $1,000 to credit toward a safari or the Micato Safari Shop.  The bronze goes to Michael Flagiello who will receive a $500 credit towards a safari or the shop.

Micato Photo Contest Best of 2010 Gold Medal Winner

Lorne Rose

Toronto, Canada



Zachary Rapaport

North Palm Beach, FL

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Michael Flagiello

Huntington, CT

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