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Great Books to Read

Great Books to Read

From field guides to fictional masterpieces, there are a slew of reading options to help crystallize your vision of Africa safaris and tours: the sights, the sounds, the unbridled adventure. Quite simply, a great book can make an African journey immensely more enjoyable.

So, when considering which bookseller we would recommend, we took the decision seriously. In the end, we realized the folks at Longitude—old friends and travel colleagues of Dennis & Joy Pinto—were the right choice. Quite simply, their combined knowledge of books and travel is unmatched.

Having been expedition leaders themselves (in Antarctica, no less!), the founders of Longitude have combined their keen sense of adventure with an abiding love of words to form a travel bookstore par excellence.

You can trust Longitude to have just the right books for your Micato safari. And in fact, they have created specific reading lists for each one of our safaris, designed specifically with that journey in mind. You can link to those lists on the individual safari programme pages. For now, feel free to browse This link opens in a new window.