The Micato Bespoke Collection - Singita

Romantic Celebrations

The sun-kissed savannahs, windswept and serene. Sitting by a glowing campfire, hands intertwined, watching the sunset paint the sky a resplendent rose. Sipping champagne under an endless blanket of stars. There is simply nothing like the romance of safari.

Anniversaries, honeymoons, landmark birthdays, even “popping the question”—it is for those precious moments in life that the romance of Africa is perfect. And while any of our safaris bring out the magic of Africa, the ones below are particularly enchanting.

Wedding in the Wild


Micato Grand Safari

African Splendour

World’s Best Safari


Bespoke East Africa

BespokeSouthern Africa

Elephant Back
South Africa Sojourn

The African
Anniversary Waltz

Eternal Africa - An
Everlasting Honeymoon

The Milestone
Birthday in the Bush