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Lend A Helping Hand

Options & Extensions for Micato Grand Safari

Lend A Helping Hand

Every Micato traveller is given the opportunity to change the course of a life through many of our luxury African safari options. We invite guests to spend an extra day in Nairobi and visit one of our AmericaShare projects in the slums, learn of the challenges, meet the orphaned and vulnerable children and be inspirited to help. And they have. Thanks to their generosity, hundreds of children are off the streets and into good boarding schools with a warm and safe home to return to during holidays.

While safaris may be our profession, these children are our passion. Micato and its non-profit arm, AmericaShare, support over one thousand children in schools and orphanages around Nairobi. There are millions of children in Africa abandoned or orphaned as a result of the AIDS pandemic and this your chance to make a difference. What would you do during a visit? Meet the “mamas” who care for the children. Discover the significance of a
grain mill, bore-hole and sewing machine to an impoverished community’s survival. Share jokes with youngsters. Talk about your profession to teenagers. Plant a tree. Serve a meal. Or simply be a bridge of information and exchange between cultures.

Micato travellers come to Africa for the wildlife but leave in love with the people. Lives have been changed—and not just the children’s.

Per person, double occupancy: $475

Single supplement: $205

Includes deluxe hotel, meals, Driver Guide. (Minimum 2)