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Download the entire full-color Micato brochure (PDF 15 MB) here.

If you're not making the time now to savour our full brochure (but we hope you will later), the small PDF downloads/itineraries below highlight day-to-day details of our singular luxury safaris, what we call the Micato Classic Safari Collection.

By the way, if you can't decide which of these safaris you like best or simply have a different vision for what your ideal journey with us would be like, consider a Micato Bespoke Safari.

The Stanley Wing Safari
The Best of Kenya and Tanzania
16 Days

The Micato Grand Safari
The Ultimate In Luxury Travel
15 Days

The Hemingway Wing Safari
Explore Old Africa in Style
14 Days

The Insider's Africa
Intimate Immersion and Authentic Connection
15 Days

Tanzania Spectacular
Exporing Exotic Wilds in Style
10 Days

The Heart of Kenya and Tanzania
Plenteous and Pithy East Africa
12 Days

The Travel+Leisure World's Best Safari
Featuring Only "World's Best" List Hotels
13 Days

Elephant-Back South Africa Sojourn
Elegance to Elephants
12 Days

Botswana's Timeless Wilderness
Big Game, Splendid Isolation
12 Days

African Splendour
South Africa, Victoria Falls, Kenya and Tanzania
18 Days