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Kenya's charm lies in its diversity.  Nairobi's urban bustle is balanced by the serenity of its neighbouring reserves;  Mt. Kenya looms mighty in the sky, while the abiding savannah stretches to the horizon.  This is quintessential Africa... a place where wildlife roams, legends begin and adventures are embraced.



The Stanley Wing Safari

The Best of Kenya & Tanzania
16 days
With luxuriously long stays at each game park and five exhilarating flights to expedite travel, it’s no wonder this comprehensive programme is one of our most popular custom safaris.


The Insider's Africa

Intimate Immersion, Authentic Connection
15 days
An experience akin to being hosted at a friend’s private camp on the African savannah, and then moving to another friend’s bush home on the edge of the virgin forest. Enjoy the rhythms of safari life in the timeless manner of families who have spent their lives in Africa.


The Micato Grand Safari

The Ultimate in Luxury Travel
15 days
Combining the excitement of East Africa’s legendary savannahs and the romance of its most exclusive resorts, this is a quintessential safari experience that is unabashedly indulgent.


The Hemingway Wing Safari

Explore Old Africa in Style
14 days
From the dramatic northern frontier of Kenya to the massive Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, take the road less travelled on a journey that recalls the safari days of yore.


The Family to Family Safari

Pinto Grandchildren Approved!
16 days
Make priceless memories with a safari designed for families.  With activities tailored to all ages, this well-paced journey will educate, entertain, and enthrall the entire clan.


The Heart of Kenya & Tanzania

Plenteous and Pithy East Africa
12 days
Enjoy the rare opportunity to see some of East Africa’s most renowned game-viewing areas—in both Kenya and Tanzania—in a compact itinerary of less than two weeks.


African Splendour

South Africa, Victoria Falls, Kenya and Tanzania
18 days
Taking you from the fabled tip of South Africa’s Cape to East Africa’s legendary game parks, this comprehensive safari highlights the best of two distinctive and delightful regions.


The Micato Bespoke Safari

Your Safari Dream, Realized
For those with an impulse to customize their journey, to step apart from the group, to explore at their own pace, we offer the Micato Bespoke Safari—our area of utter expertise.


Seldom Seen Africa on Foot, Camel or Horseback

Exploring the Secluded Corners and Far Reaches
14 days
Camel trekking across the plains. Interacting with the nomad tribes.  Helicoptering to an otherworldly desert.  These sojourns put you in touch with a raw and remote Africa.


Elite Jetting the African Continent

The Map of Africa Becomes your Blank Slate
21 days
Soar the length and breadth of Africa aboard a deluxe private corporate jet, flying in sublime luxury from one destination to the next on a supremely unique schedule:  your own.

An Uncommonly Divine Wedding in the Wild

An Uncommonly Divine Wedding in the Wild

Imagine it:  A soft breeze sweeping across an endless savannah. The horizon coloured a golden hue by the glow of the enormous setting sun.  Your friends and family raising a toast to your happiness in one of the most hauntingly beautiful places on earth...

An Uncommonly Divine Wedding in the Wild

Private Adventure by Private Plane

Explorer extraordinaire, legendary safari guide, biologist and pilot, Mark Ross has written the book on the world of African predators—quite literally.