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Dreaming on Lush Shores

These waters beguile. Sleep on dreamy houseboats and wake each day to exotic birdsong and lapping waves. Explore the deliciously secluded Kerala or the sparkling coasts of the Lakshadweep Islands.


Safari in Kipling's India

The Central India jungles are straight out of Rudyard Kipling—you'll half expect to see Mowgli talking to a panther named Bagheera. Tracking the Royal Bengal Tiger is an adventure not be missed.

Decorated Elephants

The Sporting Scene

In Jaipur, the famous “pink city,” we witness a polo match at the Royal Polo Fields and then have tea with the players—the David Beckhams and Michael Jordans of India.

Lights reflecting on the water

Follow in the Beatles' Footsteps

Attending an Aarti—a prayer ceremony on the banks of the Ganges—is the perfect introduction to the city that so entranced the Beatles in the 1970's: Rishikesh. Just the name is magic, and you'll find the people, the city, and the ashrams to be just as moving.

View from a balcony

Dine with Royalty

In Rajasthan, the Micato reputation of treating guests like family is in full force, as old-world royalty welcome Micato travellers into their palace, and home, with gin fizzes and a splendid dinner.

Woman practicing yoga

Ancient Yogic Traditions

Yoga in Varanasi is a centuries-old tradition. Go where the sadhus chant prayers of devotion on the streets, ancient Hindu rituals and festivals are still a part of daily life, and every morning brings a pearlescent sunrise above the roiling waters of the Ganges.


Mystical Boat Rides

Udaipur is the “Venice of the East,” a city of water and light, and what better activity than a boat ride on the mystical Lake Pichola?

Market Spices

Explore Old-World Bazaars

The colourful mosaic of an Indian shopping spree is not to be missed. Your guide will take you behind the scenes to witness the sights and sounds in the bustling alleyways of an old-world bazaar.

Close-up of woman's necklace

Rare Gems and Elephants

Visit a gemcutter and purchase some jewelry straight from the source—95% of the world’s gems are cut in Jaipur. Afterwards you may want to indulge in a spot of elephant polo...

The Taj Mahal

Ogle a Wonder of the World

The Taj Mahal—the magnificent and inspirational Wonder of the World. Simply strolling the grounds of the Taj evokes awe, but seeing it Micato-style—over a leisurely champagne breakfast at a private venue right across the way—is simply mind-blowing.

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