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Your First Glimpse of a Lion

Your First Glimpse of a Lion

The thrilling jolt of discovery. It’s everything you’ve heard… and more.

As your vehicle rolls across the plains, you eagerly scan the horizon for movement. You’re playing the role of tracker, giddy at the possibilities that await you. Just then, your driver hits the brakes and points.

There, in the shade of a nearby bramble: Lions. The male is lounging languidly, his chin resting on a log—he is regal, even as he parts his deadly jaws to yawn.

The lioness sits beside him, the sleekness of her tawny frame not belying her muscular heft and menacing potential.

Unfazed by your presence, the lions simply lay there, mere feet away. Transfixed, you lift your camera to shoot the lioness. She looks straight at you: a quintessential safari moment frozen in time. These are your first lions… though definitely not your last.